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I have been writing for public relations and advertising for over 12 years. I have worked as a marketing specialist, PR manager, media relations manager, field marketing rep. and most recently started my own business as a writer and marketing consultant.

Pitching a Story to the Media

How do you create media interest in your business? You offer a great product or service, and you have a website that contains relevant content and special offers – maybe you also have a Facebook page and you are active … Continue reading

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Needed – Skilled Writer Who Will Work for Peanuts

So you need to hire a copywriter or an editor? The Internet offers endless options from the minimally skilled to seasoned, highly skilled writers and editors. With so many options, how do you select the right professional for your project? There … Continue reading

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Get your Head Out of the Sand – Social Media is Not a Fad

Social Media, New Media, Facebook, Blogs, Tweets…….what’s it all about anyways? You hear about it all the time. Everyone has a Facebook page, right? Don’t you? Most company heads do know something about the topic and know they should be … Continue reading

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If You Like Your Friends, Don’t Feed Them Spam!

Social networking sites provide a fantastic opportunity for you to promote your products and services.  Networking sites such as Facebook offer an excellent platform to build a small business by providing you with all the tools you need to be a … Continue reading

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The News Media Are Waiting to Hear From You!

Do the news media in your area know who your company is? Do you know the reporters, news editor and the person who mans the news desk by name?  Is the answer NO? Have you ever sent them a press … Continue reading

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A Thesaurus is Not a Dinosaur

Business Writing Basics     A thesaurus is not a dinosaur – or is it? When writing a business letter or press release, do you stop to make sure you have chosen the most appropriate words?     Why is word choice so important? People are bombarded … Continue reading

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Just Say No to Typos

    Are you wearing two, three or more hats at your place of employment? Are you a small business owner who is also functioning as the marketing manager, accountant and sales manager? If you are also the person responsible for writing ad, Web site and brochure copy, or any important business … Continue reading

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