Needed – Skilled Writer Who Will Work for Peanuts

So you need to hire a copywriter or an editor? The Internet offers endless options from the minimally skilled to seasoned, highly skilled writers and editors. With so many options, how do you select the right professional for your project?

There is the old adage that “You get what you pay for,” but is it true? Should you pay $1,000 for a project if someone else is willing to complete it for $500?

It depends on what your expectations are in hiring a copywriter/editor.

Do you need someone to be available to discuss the focus and scope of your project?

Does your project require an understanding of marketing concepts?

Does the writer need to understand the subject matter and intended audience to successfully contribute to your project?

Or, do you simply need someone to look for grammatical errors?

The years of professional experience and areas of expertise of the writer/editor you hire will often make the difference between just getting a job done, and getting it done well.

Experts in any field know what their services are worth, and will not accept payment well below what they deserve. Writers and editors with years of experience are experts, and as in other specialty areas – time is money, and it is better spent working on projects that pay what they are worth.

So is it true? Do you get what you pay for?

Use your best judgement but in my experience, the effort put forth by a hired professional who is paid below average rates, delivers below average work.

Hire someone who will care as much as you do about your project’s success; hire someone who will go over and above what is expected. It is about having a mutually beneficial relationship that will lead to successful collaboration on your important writing projects.

Many on-line businesses offer writing/editing services in which you submit your project details and payment, then the document is returned to you – no collaboration, no conference calls, no further edits included.

Do you want a partnership in which the same writer/editor is your contact for every project? Many on-line businesses will farm out your work to writers/editors who are on a strict deadline in which they have to rush jobs and they never have contact with you, the customer.

So when you search the Web and find a copywriter/editor you want to work with, ask questions and know exactly what you are getting for your money. Make sure your list of needs match what they are offering, review their background, and then compare price.

I hope this helps you in your search for a copywriter/editor. Good luck and I wish you much success in your future writing projects!


About Melissa Cleveland

I have been writing for public relations and advertising for over 12 years. I have worked as a marketing specialist, PR manager, media relations manager, field marketing rep. and most recently started my own business as a writer and marketing consultant.
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