If You Like Your Friends, Don’t Feed Them Spam!

Social networking sites provide a fantastic opportunity for you to promote your products and services.  Networking sites such as Facebook offer an excellent platform to build a small business by providing you with all the tools you need to be a success; however, please don’t subject your online friends to daily sale pitches that read like SPAM!

Part of the wonderful dynamics of on-line marketing is two-way communication between you and your potential customers. If your online promotion includes daily sales pitch type posts on the Facebook news feed, you are missing out on the many features and benefits of the site. First, you may want to build a fan page on Facebook that will allow you to better describe what your company has to offer, which will make your posts much more effective.

For some GREAT pointers on how to interact with your potential customers on Facebook and how to build a fan base, follow this link http://kommein.com/10-ways-to-rock-your-facebook-campaign/

I hope you find this information as helpful and informative as I did! Good Luck!


About Melissa Cleveland

I have been writing for public relations and advertising for over 12 years. I have worked as a marketing specialist, PR manager, media relations manager, field marketing rep. and most recently started my own business as a writer and marketing consultant.
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