A Thesaurus is Not a Dinosaur

Business Writing Basics

    A thesaurus is not a dinosaur – or is it? When writing a business letter or press release, do you stop to make sure you have chosen the most appropriate words?

    Why is word choice so important? People are bombarded with messages and information. If you don’t grab their attention within 15 seconds, you will lose them! 

    Hello? Are you still with me?

Word processing software has a thesaurus built-in, so with the click of a button, it’s at your fingertips. When in doubt – use it! 

Don’t be repetitive – I can’t emphasize enough, the importance of stating something one time. Repetition in a conversation will make the listener want to walk away. Your reader is not a captive audience so if they are bored, they can and will walk away. Does your writing grab and maintain the reader’s attention or is it long and boring?

Too many words – After writing a letter, press release, ad or Web site copy and reviewing it for typos and repetition, also notice how many words you used to convey your message. During your revision, cross out words that may be eliminated without changing the meaning or impact of your message. Now, doesn’t that sound better?

Keep it simple – The goal is not to impress with your industry jargon and it is not the time to show all your knowledge. Have a clear goal for your writing project and stay on course. Do not write above the knowledge level of your audience!

    Learning to write well takes time and practice; however, if you follow the above tips, your writing will improve and you will hit the mark on your communication goals!

Visit me at www.macwrites.com if you need assistance with your writing project. Thank you!


About Melissa Cleveland

I have been writing for public relations and advertising for over 12 years. I have worked as a marketing specialist, PR manager, media relations manager, field marketing rep. and most recently started my own business as a writer and marketing consultant.
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